Thursday, 5 May 2011

Final Animation!

After all the development and experimentation I have done, I have settled on my final animation. I have made the final scene end abruptly to match the end beat of the piece of music, and fitted the scenes around the tempo of the track. I am really happy with how my first animation project has turned out, and look forward to developing my skills further.

To Zoom or not to Zoom?

After tying in the whole animation together, including the final added scenes, I wondered whether to incorporate a zoom at the beginning, since I decided to leave it out in the float scene. Here are both options:


I think I much prefer the animation with the zoom at the beginning, it gives it more detail and builds up the beginning nicely rather than just going straight into the first scene.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Final Scenes Alteration

Once I looked at my final scene (landmark) backgrounds, I thought they might not fit with the rest of the animation so well. With this in mind, I decided to take the collage background from the previous scenes and apply it to the images. This meant they would tie in better and the whole thing would be more consistent, rather than having a chunk of stop motion and a chunk of keyframed animation.

These are the final products:

My favourite out of the three is the Opera House, I'm really pleased with the way it's turned out, and think it will look great with the balloon over the top.

Cropping the Music Track

To make sure I find the correct section of my music track, I have used software called WavePad. I opened the track in the program and then listened to it to find exactly where my chosen section started and ended. Once I knew this, I highlighted the area and trimmed it down. Then I simply saved it ready to import into After Effects and onto my final animation.

This is the process I went through:

The track open in WavePad

Selecting the area of the track I want to trim.

Right clicking then selecting 'trim' to produce the final mp3.

Monday, 2 May 2011


Next I needed to photograph and animate the scene where my character floats away on the balloon, so I looked at how I could involve a zoomed in effect on the scene to make it more interesting.


I like this effect, however, I think the zoomed in section shows too much of my background, and also highlights some rougher areas in it, which could make the animation look a bit amateurish.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Landmark Backgrounds

I have taken a few of the images I found when researching landmarks, and have edited them and turned them into cartoon style backdrops for the final scenes of my animation:

I transferred these into After Effects to see how they looked when I added the balloon and animated the scenes using keyframes. This is a screen shot of the process:

I may edit these background images slightly between now and bringing my animation together.


I have added to my first scene with the rabbit disappearing out of sight and have made the spectator rabbit look confused with a different facial expression and a question mark. I think the outcome looks smooth and I like how it ties in with the rhythm of the music.

Saturday, 30 April 2011

So Far So Good

I have managed to produce the first few seconds of my animation, where the rabbit is bouncing on his trampoline, and I'm very happy with the results. The order of my story now goes:
  1. Rabbit bouncing on trampoline with it's friend watching from the side on the grass.
  2. The bouncing rabbit gets higher and higher until it eventually jumps so high that it disappears from sight.
  3. The spectating rabbit looks around very puzzled.
  4. The bouncing rabbit is then seen hanging onto a hot air balloon containing a female rabbit (ooh err)
  5. The balloon floats away and makes its way over various famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, the Giza Pyramids and the Sydney Opera House.
Here is the first section of my animation, which currently works pretty well!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Extra Scenes: Background Ideas

Here is a selection of images that I could use as an influence for my final scenes in my animation. I like the idea of the balloon flying over the landmarks, so I think the pyramids, the operahouse and the eiffel tower would work well as they have more height. I will take these into Illustrator and play around with different techniques to fit them into my animation.


Sunday, 24 April 2011

Hot Air Balloon

I have made my hot air balloon in collage but then I transferred the design into Illustrator to see how it would look if this scene was done in cel.

I really like the idea of using cel for part of my animation, but I also love the effect of the collage on the balloon, and the card characters. I think I will add an extra scene to my animation, both to elongate the time and to allow for some more techniques to be used.


  • Floating hot air balloon into distance and turning into silhouette
  • Views of different places around the world, with balloon floating above
  • Watching rabbit looking bemused and chasing after the balloon
  • Floating rabbit climbing into balloon basket
Out of all these ideas I think the most fruitful ones would be the second or third option. I like the idea of using different places or landmarks in the world, as it would give me more of a chance to experiment with backgrounds.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Paper Characters

After my development, I have been playing with some characters in paper and making them move, with results that I'm really keen on.

Character and Story Development

After looking at the two possible endings of my story, The helicopter option seems somewhat ambitious, and would also require a different sound to achieve the full effect. Toby also expressed this concern in my Storyboard Assessment so I think that the hot air balloon idea may be a better option. I have been working on how I can get my characters to move and to interact:

After looking into this further, I have decided to return to my original idea of using stop motion, with paper cut outs, as I believe it will be more suited to the nature of the music, and I will be able to use a technique that I have found really enjoyable.
However I may use an element of cel animation using the tools on After Effects, possibly with the balloon scene.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Collage Background

After seeing the effect of a collage filter on the landscape photo, I decided to make my own collage background with different colours and textures of paper found in various places.

First I went about making the simple sky background, which could also be used later on in the animation when the rabbit flies away.

By using angular cut out shapes in small sizes I have been able to create more texture, emulating the result I got from the filter. I have been able to incorporate more pattern and tone by using fabrics and gradients.

Here I have overlaid a strip of collage using green and brown tones to make the grass and earth. I found a great piece of paper in a magazine with moss and flowers which I have used for the upper layer.

Here are some close ups of the background, showing the various colours and patterns.

I will definitely use this in my final animation, I love the handmade style of it and I think it will add much more dimension to my final piece.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Background Possibilities - Illustrator

Just to be sure I get the right result for my background, I have produced another possibility on Illustrator:

I like the simplicity of this but I feel that the texture of the collage effect would work better and give more depth to the animation.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Background Possibilities - Photographs

For my animation I need a background image which involves sky and grass, on which I can place the trampoline and jumping rabbit. I have taken a couple of photos that could be used in this instance.

Above are two photos I took of landscape which could work as backgrounds for my animation.
I have decided to edit these to see what other effects I could produce.

Here I have brightened the images to make the colours more vivid, but I feel that the clouds have been whited out too much, so it makes the photos look bleached and artificial.

Here I have used a few filters on the first image, pixelize, brushstroke, and collage. I really like the effect the collage has produced and I think I would like to use different patterns and colours to hand make my own background. I like the depth of texture and tone that you get from this technique.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Research - Credit Confidential

I was watching TV the other day and have seen this advert a number of times, but never really paid any attention since it's about financial stuff and not really applicable to me. But when I actually focused on the animation side of it I was really impressed with how the effect had been achieved. I like how it combines a real backdrop with a hand painted character, making the setting realistic and adding animation to it.

I may look into using photography to produce background images for my animation, perhaps combining them with cel animation for the foreground.

Monday, 11 April 2011


This is my final storyboard for my animation, I decided to have 2 possible endings so that I had a choice when it came to developing the characters more. I will decide on the ending within the next few days when I start drawing the frames for my final animation. 

Here are the enlarged images from my storyboard, showing the number of seconds each event belongs to, and what is happening in the animation.


 I don't know which ending I will decide on yet, but I do like the idea of the hot air balloon as it corresponds with the word 'light' which I chose as one of my 3 words to describe the music.